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Kirkland, WA

Caelus LLC is a company that specializes in researching, designing, and developing great user experiences.

We work primarily on software and hardware but also help in other types of research and design. Here are some of the methods and services we offer:

• Usability study kinds of services (lab studies, site visits, user modeling, etc.)
• Surveys of any size.
• Choice-based modeling/surveys.

• Agile UX/ backlog prioritization

• Software UI design
• UI development

• Training. We can train teams or individuals in areas such as customer site visits methods and strategies, UX research methods, and more.


Training we offer

Below are some of the standard training packages we offer.  If what you see below does not exactly meet your needs, don't hesitate to contact us and we can work with you to customize our coursework. Our classes have a two person minimum.  We will be happy to offer our coursework anywhere in the US, Canada, or worldwide!

Please use the contact us page to inquire about prices and availability.


UX research fundamentals

Cognitive walkthrough. This course covers everything you need to know to be proficient at cognitive walkthroughs. 

Lab studies class. We will cover the fundamentals of study design, setup, running a study, data analysis, and reporting.  Contact us for quote on an participatory study where a usability expert helps you design, run , and analyze your own study.  

Eye tracking class. We also offer a  two day class that includes an eye tracking machine for the students to keep. Contact us for pricing (This depends on which eye tracker you plan to use. We can make recommendations.).

All three UX research fundamentals modules: Give us a week and we'll give you a functioning user research group. We can prime your team on how to do user research, and then lead your team live to gather data from real customers. We'll analyze it in a hands-on workshop, closing the week with specific recommendations and deliverable artifacts. Your team will learn AND get actionable output.


Intermediate and advanced UX research courses:

User modeling class. Better than personas!  Contact us for quote on a collaborative design workshop where research expert works alongside your team to do this. 

Conducting site visits class. Contact us for a quote on a collaborative workshop where research expert works alongside your team to do this.  

Both advanced UX research modules. This course covers user modeling and conducting site visits!

UX design fundamentals

Sketching. This is collaborative design workshop where design expert helps you sketch a fixed number of designs. 

Workflows and wireframing module. This module combines UX research fundamentals with design fundamentals. We also offer a collaborative design workshop where design expert helps you design a fixed number of workflows and wireframes.  


Advanced UX design

Going from wireframes to shipping code. This is a collaborative design workshop where a design and development expert(s) helps you convert your designs into code.  


Building High Performance UX Teams

Level I – This half-day interactive workshop lead by seasoned design managers gets your team aligned on what they’ll do, and just as importantly, how they’ll do it together. For teams of 12 or more people at the beginning or ending a project cycle.

Level II – This half-day interactive workshop lead by seasoned design managers strengthens your team’s performance by aligning their individual problem solving styles into a cohesive creative process. Based on the Basadur Profile of Creative Problem Solving; works best for teams of 12 or more people mid-project or with existing history working together.